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This website is brought to you by Patient's Advisor, a consumer organization dedicated to providing in-depth and objective information about cosmetic surgery and cosmetic surgeons. Most of the contributors to the Patient's Advisor websites, including Rhinoplasty Advisor, are previous patients of plastic surgery. As such, we really are 'patients helping patients' and make every effort to articulate our own experiences where applicable and gather information pertinent to others looking to undergo plastic surgery.

Doctors, resources & photos: nose job yasmine bleeth

Patient's Advisor's mission is to provide the best, most objective, and comprehensive information about cosmetic surgery procedures and surgeons in a few specific industries.

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During a two year period of time, some of our principles and their family members underwent a number of cosmetic surgery procedures (nearly ten!), and three things arose that became the foundation for Patient's Advisor:

  • Results of the procedures were mixed and ran the gamut from 'incredible' to 'very unsatisfactory.'
  • We found it very difficult to get the right information and make the right decisions about surgeons and procedures. While there was a lot of information on the Internet, it was overwhelming in some ways, and under-whelming in others. When all was said and done, we often made decisions without enough information, and learned a lot more when everything was over.
  • Surgeons we knew communicated that there was a definite need for an exhaustive, quality-based resource that provided information about the procedures -- especially since there is so much information on the Internet, yet some of it is hard to find.

We are doing everything we can to overcome these issues and make learning about and undergoing plastic surgery a lot easier.

If you have any questions about nose job yasmine bleeth, results, pictures, or research, please feel free to to contact us here.

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